New administration – New taxes

With a new administration taking office in the next couple of weeks, we are expecting changes to the Tax Cuts and Jobs acts of 2017, which contains significant regulations for the real estate industry. Read More

JANUARY 12, 2021

December 2020 Report

We would like to conclude this eventful 2020 with a short year-end report from New York City. New York State learned a lot since the onslaught of last spring’s tragic situation. Read More

What’s next for New York real estate? Predictions and hopes for Fall 2020

Despite the semi-deserted city, bars and restaurants permitted outdoor eating with social distancing, which raised the spirits of those who remained. Read More

Are you Fall-Proof ?

Temperatures are slowly decreasing as days become shorter. On the bright side, plenty of holidays are just around the corner.  Read More

Real Estate after Covid19

Now that the second quarter of this crazy 2020 is behind us, we analyzed the performance of our managed portfolio to see how our client’s properties have reacted to the pandemic stress. Read More