A full service real estate experience since 1992

The Vivaldi Real Estate team has a unique perspective on real estate in New York City. Like a trusted private banker, Vivaldi provides comprehensive and personalized solutions for our clients throughout the investment process. Active in the New York Real Estate market since 1992 – Vivaldi has the experience and professional connections to manage your real estate investment with a steady hand.

The name Vivaldi grew out of the idea of providing a service that harmoniously performs the “Four Seasons” of real estate investment: Research, Purchase, Management and Sales.

Vivaldi’s experienced agents have the real estate know-how, up to the minute market knowledge, professional contacts and technological savvy to realize whichever investment you choose: from purchasing a condominium with rental income to selecting land for ground-up property development. Vivaldi will carefully guide you through search and acquisition of a property. For investors, we will manage your real estate asset to produce the most profitable return. Our agents also know when the time is ripe to sell and will advise when your asset is at its highest value.

Tailor-Made Services

While Vivaldi was born as a brokerage firm geared to foreign investors, the sophistication and hard work of our agents has gained us a following among discerning New Yorkers – as well – looking to purchase a home with charm, panache and excellent value.
The real estate needs of each individual are different and because Vivaldi is a small and highly trained group of professionals – we are able to give each client a tailor-made experience in real estate investment.
Many apartment buyers will choose to renovate – and for these clients we are able to recommend skilled professionals. Vivaldi has partnered with finest designers, architects and craftsmen to create many elegant apartment renovations.


Since 1992, the team, led by Guido Pompilj and Eve Gittelson, has been bringing together European and American buyers and sellers to create enduring investment opportunities.
Vivaldi Real Estate was one of the first companies to assist Italian investors in Manhattan and, since the early 90’s, has been the go-to New York broker for major companies and individual investors. It played a major role in defining and establishing a New York as a major world market. Over the years, Vivaldi has contributed to the success and capital growth of many Italian companies invested in New York real estate.

Vivaldi’s history of innovation began in the early 90s. Along with Gabetti Property Solutions, Guido Pompilj created a major Manhattan real estate development for Italians—Three Lincoln Center—a luxury condominium with direct access to the opera. A short while later, Pompilj led a group of Italian investors in the purchase of an entire portfolio of foreclosed condominiums. It was a new phenomenon that brought the company to international attention along with an article in The Wall Street Journal. In that same year, Pompilj initiated Vivaldi Real Estate which brought about the purchase of another of the largest distressed condominiums on the Upper East Side in 1993—a total of 155 units.

Setai Fifth Avenue

Other significant milestones in our history include:

In 1997 Vivaldi was the first real estate agency in Manhattan to offer virtual views of apartments on the Internet.

In 2005 Pompilj assisted the Sorgente SGR real estate fund in its preliminary study of the New York market, recommending an investment in a classic New York landmark, the Chrysler Building —a project later finalized with great success.

In 2006 Vivaldi acted as buyer’s broker for a site which houses Setai Fifth Avenue—a mixed-use 60-story building that stands just a short distance from the Empire State Building. This $200 million purchase was New York’s most important land deal in 2006.

In 2010, the first building named “Italia” opened on Fifth Avenue on a site selected by Vivaldi.

Three Milestone Buildings of the Upper East Side

  • The Monarch: 53 units purchased at a bankruptcy auction and rented on the free market.
  • Trafalgar House: 41 rent-stabilized apartments purchased at a pre-bankruptcy sale. In 18 months, 7 units were returned to the free market and the profits from these returned the entire initial investment.
  • Evans Tower: 61 units rented on the free market purchased directly from the bank that had re-possessed them from the contractor.