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The Vivaldi Investment Club provides exclusive information to a select group of qualified investors:

 Listings that have not yet been posted to the market
 New development opportunities
 How to “create deals”
 Selected commercial investments and real estate partnerships from $2-$50 million
 “Our Best picks” in terms of condominiums in the market
 Resources for tax planning

To join the Vivaldi Investment Club, please send a request to Vivaldi by clicking the button below and entering your contact information.   A member of the Vivaldi team will contact you shortly.

Free Research Material

Recent Deals

570 Broome Street - SoHo - Under Construction
Vivaldi Real Estate contributed to the acquisition of the limited partner equity for a total of $16 million through the sale of a portion of the 100 investment units, each valued at $100,000. The building is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2018, and is expected to have a 100% appreciation rate over the following 4 years.

East 141st street - South Bronx - Rental & Appreciation Deal
Vivaldi Property Management facilitated the acquisition of the two family home by representing three individual investors who collaborated in the $600,000 purchase and repairs. This rental property deal currently has a net yield of over 5%.