Vivaldi Real Estate has been assisting many Italians, as well as U.S. citizens and citizens from other countries, interested in New York City real estate, especially Manhattan., since 1992.  The name Vivaldi grew out of the idea of providing a service that harmoniously ties together the “Four Season” of real estate investment: Research, Acquisition, Management and Sale.

  • Research


  • Acquisition


  • Management


  • Sale


  • Searching for the perfect apartment in New York

    We are committed to working for our customers – assisting them in the wise selection of properties with the expectation of appreciation. We know what is officially on the market as well as what might be “quietly” available. With Vivaldi, the needs of our clients are always our first priority.  

    What we offer our customers:

    •  Daily monitoring of the market aimed at identifying the best new opportunities the moment they present themselves
    •  Relations with banks aimed at gathering information early in the foreclosure and auction process
    •  Direct access to exclusives officially on the market or offered privately and actual sales prices of all condominiums in the last five years
    •  Comparison and interpretation of recent sales data and sales histories of specific properties
    •  Evaluation of risk diversification opportunities
    •  Sixth Sense - an indispensable tool developed through years of experience, during various economic cycles, that allow us to target what our clients are requesting

  • The safe way to buy a home in New York

    Real estate procedures in the United States are different from Italy. In general, real estate sales in the United States are through a contract (registered deed) and not by way of a public deed.  Read more

    Additionally, Vivaldi offers our customers:

    •  Precise information on costs, fees, timing and procedures involved in the navigating of the buying process
    •  A selected list to choose from of tax consultants, law firms, insurance companies, mortgage brokers, banks, architects, designers, craftsmen and urban planning specialist – all of proven professionalism (and Italian-speaking upon request)

    Read our Investment Guide

  • Full management services

    Once the purchase is complete, Vivaldi offers full on-site management services. This frees the home buyer from the time consuming problems of long-distance real estate management in an unfamiliar market.  Read more

    What we offer to our customers

    •  Selection of qualified tenants and property management. Through our institutional contacts and experience with highly effective marketing techniques, we will rent the property after a careful screening of potential tenants through personal interviews as well as appropriate credit and bank checks
    •  Local representation in the regular management and collection of rents, payment of common charges and local real estate taxes, management of the dedicated bank account, selection and payment of insurance, relationship with the condominium. We also provide payment of bills and fees, repairs and quick response to emergencies
    •  Periodic reporting with which one can maintain control over the management of one’s property. In addition, we will provide the U.S. accountant as well as Italian tax professionals with all relevant documents for the preparation of tax returns
    •  Renovation of your apartment – Whether it’s replacing kitchen appliances or gut renovating an entire apartment, Vivaldi assists its clients every step of the way. We will refer clients to professionals and design businesses depending on the customer’s budget and taste and then Vivaldi will act as a project manager to ensure the work is completed on time and within the agreed upon budget

    Project Management & Contract

  • Selling – The Last Step in Real Estate Investment

    Rarely do our customers sell, but when they decide to do so, Vivaldi assists them with advice on the price, staging and renovations if called for, and advertising, including photos and videos.  Read more

    Should there be a conflict of interest e.g. if another one of our clients is interested in buying, we can not represent both buyer and seller so we will inform both parties that they can consult directly with one another.  In New York, the 6% commission is paid by the owner.  This is paid at the closing when the sale has been finalized.  The fee is divided amongst all the brokers who participated in the transaction.

    What we offer to our customers

    •  Sales Program: Advice on optimal timing of the year for putting the property on the market, selection of suitable advertising channels, price analysis that allows the optimal selling price, reciprocal agreements with the major sales agencies, photo shoots, creating an internet presence and buying of the most effective advertising space.
    •  Local Representation: Organizing visits by brokers and buyers for property viewing, negotiating support, communicating with potential buyers and their representatives especially brokers and lawyers and guidance and preparation of applications and forms required during the sale process.

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