Fees & Investment Guide


Vivaldi Real Estate is more than a traditional real estate firm.  

When we act as a Buyer’s Broker on a residential sale, it is with with exclusive loyalty to the buyer. The Buyer’s Broker has access to all official and private offers available on the market. Buyer’s Broker commission is paid by the seller: No commissions are paid by the Buyer.

A Buyer’s Broker has no incentive to sell one property over another so the Buyer is offered the optimum service without any conflict of interest. Furthermore, a Buyer’s Broker is not tied to any specific property and has greater knowledge of the market compared to someone mainly concerned with only the properties he represents.

The US residential real estate market foresees and allows for full cooperation between whomever represents the property and whomever represents the buyer, and, regardless of the number of brokers involved, the cost of this service is fixed and paid by the seller. Not availing yourself of the services of a personal broker is a bit like giving up a privilege without realizing any savings.

When we represent a buyer on a commercial transaction the fee structure is different and it is formulated on a case-by-case basis.


Here you will find a step-by-step guide to purchasing property in New York City.

You will learn what to expect during this process i.e. closing costs, taxes including transfer, mansion, real estate, income and capital gain taxes, title insurance, legal expenses, ownership structures, strategies to delay payment of taxes and how you can find, by yourself, information on the properties you have selected.

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